The Alexander Gallery

Big Leaf Maple at Deer Creek

Angkula Seo Suspension Bridge

Nisenan Forest Sunrise

I am pleased to share that I am now represented by the Alexander Gallery in Nevada City. The Alexander Gallery (formerly known as the Mowen Solinksy Gallery), has been the premier gallery in Nevada County since it was established in 2004. They feature a wonderfully eclectic mix of artwork from local artists as well as established artists from around the country. I feel very fortunate to be sharing the walls with well known photographers such as Huntington Witherill, Richard Murai, Michael Paul Cole, and Steve Solinsky.

The images shown above were taken this fall in the Nisenan Forest, just southwest of Nevada City. The image on the left, titled "Big Leaf Maple at Deer Creek", captures filtered light illuminating a big leaf maple nestled within a thick grove of pines. The middle image is titled, "Angkula Seo Suspension Bridge". "Angkula Seo" is the traditional name used for Deer Creek by the local Nisenan People. The suspension bridge ties together the northern and southern sections of the Deer Creek Tribute Trail, about a mile west of Nevada City. And on the right is "Nisenan Forest Sunrise". This image was taken up a steep slope on the south side of the Deer Creek canyon. It was captured just as the sun was coming over the bluff early in the morning. There was only one beam of light that made it though the forest to the lens.

All three images are available as limited edition, framed prints at the Alexander Gallery. They were printed by me on Canson Baryta Photographique museum-grade paper using UltraChrome HD pigmented inks. The frames are dark gray stained hardwood, and all of the internal framing materials are conservation quality. Each image is 10"x10" within an 18"x18" frame. If you're in Nevada City for the holiday festivities, be sure to drop in. The gallery is located at 225 Broad Street, just one block up the hill from Highway 49. 

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