Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

We enjoy hiking through the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Following is some information about the area, copied from the Yolo Basin Foundation website:

Covering 25 square miles and home to nearly 200 species of birds, the Wildlife Area is located in the heart of one of the country's richest agricultural areas, alongside one of America's busiest people throughways I-80, and next to a bustling metropolitan area, Sacramento.

The 16,000-acre Yolo Wildlife Area is one of the largest public/private restoration projects with 3,700-acres of land in the Yolo Bypass floodway restored to wetlands and other associated habitats, with more restoration in the works.

The Yolo Wildlife Area is the site of the Discover the Flyway program for schools implemented by the Yolo Basin Foundation and in partnership with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. More than 4,000 students, teachers and parents visit the area annually to learn about the importance and beauty of this local wetland and its significance for their lives.

These photos were captured last year on one of our walks through the wetlands. Wildlife photographers often frequent the area to photograph the incredibly prolific bird life*, but on this outing I attempted to capture the character of the immense wetlands and fields that make up the wildlife habitat.

*If you click on the first image below, you might notice what looks like dust specks scattered throughout the sky. If you look closer though, you'll see that those dust specks are actually large numbers of birds, far off in the distance.