Photography and Self Expression

Whether or not we consciously think about it, a large number of choices we make in life are a form of self expression. From the type of work we choose to do, to where we live, to the type of clothes we wear, if we're fortunate enough to be able to make those choices, those choices say something about who we are and what we consider important. 

Similarly, our photographs have the ability to say a lot about us. Choosing to take a particular photo is far from a rote mechanical process. A large number of variables have to be considered before clicking the shutter, including subject, location, time of day, perspective, exposure, focus, and on and on. Then, once the raw image is captured, there's post processing and the nearly infinite number of possibilities that lead to a final image.

Even if we're not consciously aware of the process, how we answer those questions over time says much about our aesthetic preferences and eventually defines our artistic vision. And if we're consistently true to our artistic vision, our images may even express something about who we are as individuals, and what we consider more generally important in life.